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The 'Observatorio de Internet' emerges as an initiative from the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare to protect online consumers. We deal with the need to support the consumer, fight fraud and encourage responsible consumption on the Net.

The 'Observatorio de Internet' was created to fulfil the work entrusted to the Directorate General for Consumers in the Internet field. There are three aspects that are essential to the smooth running of the consumption through Internet: confidence, security and education.

Our commitment is to promote sustainable and responsible consumption by following the steps below:

Making Internet a safer place

  • Systematic tracking of frauds in those sectors of greater interest for the average consumer.
  • Identifying websites that may signify a danger.
  • Fraud awareness campaigns.

Provide consumers with greater confidence

  • Consumer service: information, advice and online claims resolution.
  • Provide customers with clear, straightforward and up to date information.
  • Intermediation between consumers and organizations.

Customer protection cooperation

  • Colaboration with competent authorities and consumer protection organizations.
  • Coordination and participation in international projects with other agencies who share common interets.
  • Coordination of all the Consumption authorities throughout the Autonomous regions.

Training and education

  • Information about the current legislation, the applicable laws and consumer rights.
  • Organization of training days, seminars and conferences.
  • Promotion of best practices in the running of public education and awareness campaigns.



We offer direct communication both with consumers and institutional organisms to meet the new demands generated by the huge increase of the e-commerce consumption.

If you have any enquiries or disputes regarding online business, you can contact us via the contact form.

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